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Pre-registration is encouraged. Drop-in’s are welcome, but you may risk being turned away if class is full.

Great for new students that want to give Blooma a try! All ages and levels of fitness experience welcome, open to new or seasoned Blooma students. Our $10 Happy Hour class was designed and priced to give you the opportunity to meet Blooma. Take the class that fits your schedule at the location that is most convenient. Get to know our teachers, our students and our mission.

All stages of pregnancy and levels of yoga experience welcome. Whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, our trained yoga teachers will guide you gracefully through meditation, breathing, and movement specialized for the prenatal body and mind. Designed to both nurture and challenge you, Blooma prenatal yoga inspires trust in your birthing journey while providing an open community to discuss what you are experiencing. You’ll benefit from much needed relaxation, while strengthening the muscles that support your baby during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Empower and inspire yourself for birth, bond with baby, and meet other mamas in your community.

FLOW YOGA – for everyone
All ages of men and women and levels of yoga experience welcome. Balance your mind and body during an invigorating vinyasa flow class. A practice rooted through sun salutations, teachers will guide you through varying sequences of postures that integrate breath with movement. Prenatal modifications to this yoga practice will be available for our pregnant yogis as well. Come shine your light, break a sweat, and embrace the community that holds you as you flow through this natural and empowering class.

WARM FLOW YOGA – not recommended during pregnancy unless you have checked with your care provider

We heat the room to about 90 degrees and YOU flow. This class is based on transitioning from one pose to the next using sun salutations and postures that connect to one another. The pace can be a bit faster, but you always go at the speed and depth that work for YOU. Each class includes flow, balance, strength, compression, twists, hip/heart openers, core work and a built-in peaceful rest at the end. This is a wonderful class for the postnatal mama and busy person looking to sweat and wind down from their day.

All ages of parents or caregivers and levels of fitness experience welcome. BYOB yoga is appropriate until baby is crawling. Nurture your baby while caring for yourself. Bring Your Own Baby Yoga invites babies and their caregivers (moms, dads, grandparents, nannies) to bond through loving touch, sight, sound, and movement. Let baby in on the yoga practice physically, mentally, and spiritually to build a strong bond of trust and security— the foundation of self confidence for baby. While incorporating your little one into the BYOB yoga sequence, you also receive a nurturing, strengthening practice designed specifically to gently engage with and calm body and spirit. The class offers a chance for new mama and caregiver networking, too. You’ll find a warm, supportive community — essential during the fourth trimester or postpartum period!

BRING YOUR OWN CRAWLER YOGA (BYOC)-  The perfect class after your little one has outgrown BYOBaby Yoga. 

All ages of parents or caregivers and levels of fitness experience welcome, recommended for children 9-18 months. Bring your little crawler along while you practice yoga. Children are free to move and crawl throughout the space while you are guided through the asana practice. While embracing the chaos, embrace the curiosity of your little one and give yourself a supportive space to move, breathe and come together with a community of people.

Kids Yoga: We want every child and family to have the best experience possible. To create a fun and safe environment for everyone, our kids classes have a class capacity. In order to secure your spot in class, please preregister. If you are not preregistered, and arrive for class, you may be turned away. Please be conscience of the ages ranges for each kids class. While we understand that every child at any age is very different, we must stick to the age ranges listed in our descriptions for the safety of students and teachers.

Appropriate for ages 18 months to 4 years and their parents or caregivers. Tots yoga will develop flexibility, coordination, confidence and body awareness through basic yoga postures, songs, and games. Both caregiver and child will benefit from participation in this engaging and physical yoga practice together.

This class is for kids only, ages 3 to 5 (Children take class without a parent). Introduce your child to yoga through stories, songs, music and movement. Guided movement paired with children’s literature will provide worlds where yoga postures can be learned and expressed with imagination. Foster confidence, creativity, and self awareness in your child as they begin to explore the world of yoga on their own.

Appropriate for children ages 9 months to 4 years. Little Movers, Crawlers, and Tots come together for yoga, songs and stories with their parents or caregiver(s). Bond with your tini yogini, meet other parents in the community, and get some of that pent up energy from the week out as you sing, dance, and perform basic yoga postures together.

This class is for kids only, ages 4 to 8. Kids yoga teaches body awareness, self-control, flexibility, and coordination in a way that helps little yogis carry these skills beyond their mats and into their daily routines. Through their guided practice they can enjoy improved concentration for learning, less anxiety, more energy, and all-around better self confidence in their day to day lives. Kids yoga is perfect to help kids organically learn the tools to navigate today’s busy world mentally and spiritually!