Workshops - Expand Your Horizons

Workshops at Blooma provide families with continued education on specific topics of interest. These workshops prepare families for the journey through parenthood. Our workshops cover a variety of topics and offer support for postpartum health and beyond. Blooma workshops are taught by credible instructors with expertise in their fields.

Some of our most popular workshops include:

Motherhood Series: A Group for New Moms: Help ease your transition into motherhood in our 6-week motherhood series and build friendships with other new moms along the way! We will cover topics such as physical healing, mental health and wellbeing, relationships, sleep, work/family balance, identity, self-image and breast and bottlefeeding. This class is led by Blooma’s lactation counselors, so each week they are also available for breastfeeding and bottlefeeding questions.

Restorative and Deep Relaxation Yoga: Calm your body and mind through rest and relaxation. This 90-minute restorative yoga workshop uses yoga props to fully support the body, allowing you to release muscle tension and relax into each resting posture. Through deep relaxation you will find relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain. This mindful practice will also help you reduce stress, increase vitality, and improve mental clarity. Our workshop will end with yoga nidra, a guided practice where the yogi stays in a deeply relaxed state between wakefulness and sleep. All levels are welcome as we breathe deep, take a break, and restore both body and mind.

Infant/Child CPR, Choking + Basic First Aid: It isn’t always easy to keep calm in an emergency. Our First Aid workshop provides you with the knowledge you need to help your child in crisis. Learn what to do if your child starts choking, how to handle a seizure, and basic first aid for everyday bumps and cuts. This workshop is led by a registered nurse that will help you gain confidence in helping your child.

Cloth Diapering 101: Families can get started with modern reusable diapers, and compare the different types of cloth diapers. They will learn how to launder diapers, and long-term cloth diaper care in this FREE workshop.

A-Z Sleep Solutions: Bedtime can be a battle. Not sleeping through the night, struggling to get your little one to bed, and having nap-time meltdowns only add to the stress of parenthood. This in-depth 2 hour workshop will guide you through the biological, environmental and behavioral components of sleep as you learn the techniques used by the experts.

Infant Massage: Learn infant massage techniques that convey love and warmth and increase bonding between baby and parent. Learn essential strokes that help soothe a gassy baby and encourage sleep.

Other workshops include Partner Yoga, Becoming a Yogi, Abdominals before & after Birth, and more!