Wellness at Blooma

Blooma offers a variety of wellness services for everyone. Through massage, chiropractic care, reiki and therapy, let us help you alleviate discomforts and gain strength. Get the care you deserve with care providers who are trained to meet your specific needs. Experience the relief and joy that self-care can unlock.

*If you prefer to book over the phone, please give us a call at (612) 223-8064.


Our massage therapists have extensive knowledge of prenatal and postpartum massage and come from many different backgrounds and specialties. Massage sessions at Blooma aid with common discomforts related to maternal health, chronic pain not related to pregnancy, while providing stress relief and relaxation. 60-minute massage, $90  //  90-minute massage, $125*

*Please call to book a 90-minute massage


Our highly trained and specialized team of chiropractors provide professional adjustments before, during, and after pregnancy with the goal of restoring motion, correcting alignment, improving strength/function, and reducing pain. Blooma can provide one-time visits or ongoing treatments to help with pain in pregnancy, alignment to encourage labor, comfort during birth, and postnatal care.

Pediatric Chiro Care: Our chiropractors have additional training and specialty in pediatric chiropractic techniques that are gentle and effective, to give your baby the best start to life as they grow and develop.


At Blooma, specially trained counselors offer talk therapy and psychotherapy. No matter where you are on your journey, your emotional and mental wellness are important to your overall health. Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are major life events that impact relationships, sense of self, careers, and family. Counseling helps provide clarity and assistance to adjust to these changes in a healthy way.


Reiki is a system of energetic healing and spiritual development that brings you back into balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, energetically. It supports and empowers your natural ability to heal. Reiki is very non-intrusive as practitioners use a combination of gentle therapeutic touch over clothes and no-touch work within your biofield. Because it can help people experiencing a wide variety of physical dis-ease, chronic illness and pain, and emotional or spiritual unrest, it can be a beautiful complement and aid to more conventional care.


Dating back more than 3,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medical theory is based on a philosophy of balance. Acupuncture brings the body back into balance, or homeostasis, by stimulating endorphins, opioids, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and neurons at acupuncture points along meridian lines of the body. Meridians are pathways of energy in the body closely linked to the peripheral nervous system, and are stimulated by the gentle use of sterile acupuncture needles. Treatment benefits may include regulating menstrual cycles, increasing fertility, balancing hormones, supporting pregnancy, reducing blood pressure, alleviating pain, encouraging the turning of breech babies, as well as, encouraging the start of labor.  


Cupping is an ancient Chinese medical practice that increases blood circulation, oxygen, and nourishment to the muscles, connective tissue and skin. A suction is created using heat and glass cups on the surface of the skin, which increases blood flow, loosens muscles and fascia, and calms the nervous system. Cups can be left stationary or can be moved over the surface of the skin, feeling much like a deep tissue massage. Cupping is most commonly used to treat acute or chronic pain, areas of inflammation, relief of colds and flus, and for relaxation.


BCT is a gentle, yet profound, whole body restoration. BCT is a non-invasive, non-manipulative modality. The biodynamic practice of craniosacral work is specifically an approach of non-doing. The purpose is to hold space for the clients’ innate ability to heal.

The practitioner gently holds specific areas of the clients’ clothed body until a point of stillness is reached within the energetic and nervous system of the client. Often the brain waves of the client will match that of our brain waves during the most restorative points of sleep. This is a state of healing that is accessible to all and BCT is appropriate for any body shape, size or age.


Spinning Babies® is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth. Spinning Babies is a new paradigm that takes clues from baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions.

Spinning Babies®  packages and appointments are all uniquely designed to meet you at your stage of pregnancy and take you through delivery and beyond. Appointments will start with an assessment of the whole body to determine which Spinning Babies® and/or Chiropractic techniques would best benefit you and your pregnancy. Appointments will include:

Soft tissue work - helps soften tight regions of the body that may be affecting the position of the pelvis, uterus, baby, and/or creating pain. 

Body balancing - creates symmetry throughout the body. Facial releases - allows all regions to flow smoothly on one another. 

At-home techniques - can be performed between appointments to help the body hold all the important work that was accomplished with each treatment.

Chiropractic care is included in the packages and is strongly encouraged. Chiropractic care ensures proper nerve function which allows you body to function how it is designed, especially during pregnancy and delivery. Specific chiropractic techniques also aid in keeping the pelvis in proper alignment to encourage correct baby positioning. Please contact Dr. Abby Bachmeier or Blooma for package options.