Work with Blooma Founder Sarah Longacre one-on-one in labor! Sarah has attended more than 650 births as a birth doula, and she is dedicated to the idea that every mom-to-be and her baby know how to birth.

Sarah passionately believes that moms must find the birth path that is the most personally empowering. As a doula, Sarah supports a mother and her partner down whatever road they take. Whether you are interested in an unmedicated childbirth or want medical help with your birth, Sarah will be there the entire way as your doula.

Sarah is amazing. Her presence at the birth of our son was invaluable. My long 48 hour labor was more bearable because of her back rubs and reassuring words. She was my advocate as well as a support to my entire family, especially when I ended up having a Cesarean birth. Sarah was by our sides throughout the highs and the lows, and my husband and I can’t thank her enough for that.”—doula client Jenny MacMillian

If you and your partner are craving this level of support and experience, attention to detail, and grounding presence, contact Sarah about her availability as a doula. Sarah’s doula fee is $1250, and she is able to work with about 2 families per month.