Hi Sarah and Blooma mamas! Wanted to pass along a quick update that my daughter, Madeline Rey, was born on March 13th at 10:24pm. I apparently am one of the rare ones that gives birth on the due date! This is my second, and the labor went lightening fast….4 hours of active labor, followed by 15 minutes of pushing and she was here! My first labor was also fast, but a bit traumatic. This time, I felt so much more confident in myself and my ability to make it through. The entire birth experience has been a night and day difference, and I credit that a lot to the Blooma community. Thank you for providing this space and support to local mamas. I look forward to returning to classes later in my maternity leave!
-Susan LeBlanc.
I wish I would have gone to Blooma for my first pregnancy. I started 2 weeks ago and have been to 5 classes with this pregnancy. I love it so much. The instructors have all been great. The Blooma moms are so friendly and non judgmental, I feel like I’ve found the support, comfort and sanity I was looking for but couldn’t find last time. This has been life changing, mind opening and allowed me to navigate this pregnancy with empowerment and grace instead of anxiety so thankful for Blooma.
-Becky P.
Where do I begin? Blooma has been safe haven for me. It is so warm and inviting. From the first moment I walked into the doors for my initial class I knew this was going to be a great experience. The front desk staff is always very friendly and helpful. The first prenatal class I went to was more than just yoga. It was a spiritual experience. I connected with my baby more than I ever thought was possible. Blooma is a place where women can feel loved and supported. It definitely helped to ground me and prepare me for child birth. I wasn’t as afraid anymore because the yoga instructors helped empowered me. After I had my baby and started to slowly come back to yoga classes I again appreciated the sense of community with the other new mamas. New mama classes are amazing and I highly recommend them for all mamas. Can’t say enough good things about Blooma! Thank you! -Jamie McAnelly
Yoga is challenging but accessible and welcoming to all levels. Teachers take the time to get to know students’ names and personally make each person feel welcome. Barre classes combine a great workout with a calming community. -Michelle Hines
I love everything about Blooma! From the moment I walk in I feel a sense of calm and happiness. Mia always greets me with a big smile and a hello. I feel comfortable leaving my daughter with the child care provider (usually it is Genevieve and she is awesome!). Once I get to my mat, the smile on my face is permanent. The teachers are all so welcoming, sweet and kind. I just wish I could be there more! -Stacie Rierson
The Blooma crowd should be commended for their wonderful support during this, my first, pregnancy. They equipped both myself, and my spouse, with critical knowledge that made the labor process much less scary and contributed mightily to my confidence. I believe I felt as competent as one can feel for their first child, but I may be a bit biased! I also want to thank Anna for the words of wisdom she provided me at the Tuesday night prenatal yoga class on 10/20. She reminded me of the control and strength I have over my own birth and it really helped set a positive and powerful tone for the birth that came to follow.
As I get near the end of my first pregnancy I’ve been reflecting on how amazing Blooma has been to me in this journey. It’s a community, a safe place to feel anything I want to feel, and a place to walk in the door and just be in the moment of carrying a life. I love how every instructor has their own style so every class feels like a new experience but with the same grounded intention. I’ve also enjoyed the class sizes not being too big, and that only once or twice have I felt the space is maxed out. I heart Blooma and am so thankful for this special place.
I love baby wearing barre. There is no other place in the metro that is so accommodating to mothers and their new babies. -Courtney Semke
They support women and families, offer comfort, balance, and community. I don’t know how I would’ve survived my high-risk pregnancy and the first years of mothering two children without Blooma. It is my sanctuary.
The special mamma baby connection cannot be replicated anywhere else; whether you attend pre-natal or BYOB…the emotional nurturing is so good for the soul, maybe even better than the yoga is for the body! It’s so personal and impossible to describe- you have to go!
The tone of the teachers, the way everything truly helps a new mom relax and self-nurture as we learn how to nurture our little ones… the scent of the spaces, the sound of the music, the color scheme, being offered tea, the way someone will watch and or hold your baby, the smell of the cleaning spray, the gentleness of the window light, the range of rigor in your physical classes (barre to BYOB), the layout of the lobby and the books there, the way classes will accommodate my little one right into her tweens, the availability of doulas weekly (ex weigh in), the presence of LLL… really, there’s just so so much to like lol 🙂 It seems you’ve thought of everything…
Centering for women in all walks of life, I seriously love this community, it is so crucial for my sanity as a parent to two young kids!
I had the pleasure of attending the Blooma Birth class last night and it was a very moving experience. Jess is a fantastic instructor and really created a sense of community in the group. It felt like they were one big family. The class felt like a conversation. The mamas and their partners freely asked questions and seemed genuinely engaged in the course. I thought that it was wonderful that a former Blooma mama and her partner came back to speak with the class about their birth experience. I also thought it was great that the partners had a chance to sit and chat, while the mamas learned more about breastfeeding. Learning from first hand experience is the best! As you know, I have a 17 month old daughter, but despite that I still learned more about birth. My daughter was breech and was born via cesarean section, so I really enjoyed learning more about vaginal births – which I hope to have with my second child. The end of the class was especially moving with the partners connecting and telling each other what they loved about each other and what they wanted for their families. It was so amazing to see the excitement that they all had about becoming a family. It was really moving as I remember what those days were like and what my life is like now with a child.