Educational, Emotional and Physical Support for Families

through Pregnancy and Birth.

Our mission is to ensure that families in the Twin Cities have access to evidence-based information; providers that share their values and understand their needs;  and feel safe, supported, and loved throughout their pregnancy and  birth.

Your birth experience has a profound effect on your identify as a parent and as a person. The joyful time of pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming. The Blooma Doulas can serve as your guide as you move through this process providing support, tenderness, and wisdom. Often, our modern culture tends to shroud pregnancy and birth in myth and misinformation. The Blooma Doulas will provide clarity and expertise allowing you to have an empowered birth experience.  

Interested in more info? Email and include your name, due date, and birthing location.

This is why we rock:



     Sarah Longacre

With over 18 years as a birth doula, coupled with 14 years as a prenatal yoga instructor, Sarah is passionate about breath and movement in birth. She is the founder and owner of Blooma and brings a warm, loving presence to  your birth.








         Mari Melby

Mari has over 10 years of experience as an educator. She is a birth doula and lactation counselor who is passionate about evidence-based information and informed consent. She is the Director of Education at Blooma and brings an intuitive, calming presence to your birth.








Offerings & Investment

Sarah and Mari work in a doula partnership to ensure that you have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. During prenatal visits, we will both be there to answer questions and support your family. Once it is “go time”, we have a shared call schedule. Sarah is on call from 8am-8pm, and Mari is on call from 8pm-8am.


Cash, Check, Credit Card, Blooma Gift Card, HSA Card

Insurance: We will gladly provide you with an invoice for possible reimbursement from your provider. Please contact your health care provider in advance of purchase to confirm level of coverage, including HSA and any other payment details for doula service.

Interested in more info? Email and include your name, due date, and birthing location.