Deep, Quiet, and Full: Restorative Yoga and Massage at Blooma

I have been taking classes at Blooma for a few months now. This month I decided to explore beyond my normal yoga class and take advantage of one of the many different workshops at Blooma. It was hard for me to choose which one! With our family's busy spring schedule (and nesting before new baby comes), the one that worked best was the Restorative Prenatal Yoga and Massage Workshop with Brook Holmberg and Stacy Seebart. And, let me tell you, it was incredible!

The description on Blooma’s website definitely gave me an idea of what to expect, but I didn't realize that I would love it so much, or that my 39 week pregnant body would need it so much. When the roughly 25 women the dark yoga studio, it was lit by candlelight and serenaded by calming, quiet music. We could choose from a spot that was set up for us, with a bolster propped up by two blocks, a blanket and a couple pillows. Brook explained at the beginning of class that we would really only move through four postures in the entirety of the 90 min class and that there would be plenty of massage by one of the three instructors circulating the room. I have never been to a restorative class before. My experience of yoga is constant movement and flow, so I wondered how much I would really like this. Often, when I am guided into quiet, it's hard to quite my racing mind brain - especially when I am so close to my 'guess' date. There's a never ending to-do list running in my head. But, with each pose we were guided into, the warmth and quiet of the room, ALL of the yoga props (especially for my insanely pregnant body), and the gentle prenatal massage, helped me to be so completely relaxed. I am not sure I have ever really experienced relaxation in this way. It felt deep, quiet and full.

This workshop is offered monthly, and I wish that I had made an effort to go prior to the week before this baby comes. And, although it's aimed toward pregnant women, anyone can participate. I am hoping to come back after baby and I am grateful that I was able to fit this workshop into my last days of this pregnancy!

The list of workshops at Blooma is extensive. There are so many that I want to try! I truly love the variety of what is offered - for those pregnant or not, those struggling with loss or wanting to try something new. On my to-do list for after this baby is born is the Abdominals: Before and After Birth workshop. I have had a lot of ab issues after my other pregnancies and would really like to focus on healing postpartum. You can take this class while you are still pregnant, it just didn't work for me to attend!

Although it may feel like your schedule is jam packed with prepping for a baby, caring for a newborn, school schedules, and/or upcoming summer plans, I truly encourage you to take a look at this list of upcoming workshops offered at Blooma. Grab a friend, your spouse, or just spend some alone time and take advantage of something beyond your weekly yoga class. You never know what you may learn about yourself or for another in your family.

Upcoming Restorative Prenatal Yoga & Massage Workshops:

Wednesday, May 3

Wednesday, June 7

Wednesday, September 6

Written by Shea Olson- Wife & Mama Trying to Make it All Work