prenatal barre

Let's Go To The Barre - in the morning!

I'm not a morning person.  The proof is in my college transcripts, or my employment records. If I had a job that required me to work early in the morning, it never lasted long.
Then I became a mom, and again, and again. And soon my afternoon workouts were first on the chopping block under the pressure of nap time, or groceries, or doctor appointments. I resented putting myself on the back burner. Then I noticed that resentment was getting worse, because I was tired and at a loss for an outlet.
Enough was enough and I made a plan. And so I took my first 6 am class.  And I survived, AND I felt great! And by noon I had completely forgotten I had already worked out, and wasn't beating myself up for missing yet another thing.  Then the next day I did it again, and again, and two years later I am getting up and making ME the priority.
How did I start, and how do I keep it up? Each night I make sure to:
  • Set my workout clothes in the bathroom before bed.
  • Set my alarm for a ridiculously early time (who are we kidding though, I'm up at that time anyway with kiddos most nights!).
  • Establish a routine that my partner and I agree on so I can have that time to myself.
It isn't easy, but neither is being a grumpy mom, wife and co-worker. With my 6am workouts, I am able to handle the sideswipe of everyday life with a bit more grace.
See you in class! 

Jessie Seehof Carlson is barre, yoga, and prenatal yoga teacher at Blooma. She has been part of the family since 2008 and is incredibly grateful to teach and take classes in such an open and loving community. Click here for Jessie's class schedule!