Babies Poop! Diaper Sustainably!

There is no getting around it – during the first 2+ years of your child’s life, the biggest task you and your partner will take on will be changing diapers. Lots of them. The average child will generate over a TON of diapers.  In fact, the majority of what you throw away will be diapers. That’s a lot of trees, petroleum, paper etc. that is being used to transport fancy underwear that will only be used once. 

As we celebrate Earth Day, it is a good opportunity to look at your carbon footprint. Kids can be messy and create trash, it's a part of parenting. But, there are small things you can do that make a BIG difference. Think about using rubber straws and ditch the plastic, wipe your kiddos down with washable cloth or compostable wipes, and consider using cloth diapers!

There are a several easy to use, modern cloth diapers out there that come in lots of different types and styles. Even using cloth for part of the time can make a big difference, saving thousands of diapers from the landfill. Washing a cloth diaper uses less resources than making a new disposable diaper. Plus, they are more fun than disposables, coming in lots of different patterns!

If you are worried about the extra work of washing at home, you can use a service like Do Good Diapers. We’ll wash the diapers more efficiently than you can at home and you don’t have to do any dirty work.  It is a great way to get started with cloth and we are here for you through your diapering journey. We consider ourselves cloth expertise so we can help answer questions about sizing, the right style, and any fears you may have.  

 To learn more about the different types of cloth diapers, washing at home, or using a service check out one of our FREE Cloth Diapering Workshops at Blooma Minneapolis, May 19th & June 16th.

Written by Peter Allen, founder and owner of Do Good Diapers. Father to two wonderful kiddos!