Making it work

Lovin' Ain't Easy

I love you Always…But Today I Don’t Like You.

This February marks ten years (an entire decade!) of “us.”  Ten years of blissful romance that feels like a fairy tale every day of our lives.  Wait, what?! Just kidding.  In all honesty, while we deeply loved one another this whole time, there have been days, sometimes weeks, that we really didn’t like one another.  Let us explain.

When we met, everything about our relationship came naturally.  Thoughts of each other filled our minds all day—every moment apart felt like an eternity.  There weren’t enough hours in the day to spend together and it seemed as if the other person had no faults.  We were young and in love.  We had a vision of how our relationship and life together would look like and nothing was going to get in our way.


And then things changed.  We were married young and a baby shortly followed. Bills had to be paid and diapers needed changing. We had a daughter who depended on us every hour of the day.  For the first time, things got difficult. For the first time, the person who could do no wrong could now do nothing right. Those butterflies had dulled and the overwhelming feelings and emotions had seemingly gone missing.

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Love came easy when our relationship started. When we were young our love was new and fresh, but then a few years down the road, there were times when we didn’t even like each other.  We both had moments of doubt and despair.  “Did we make a mistake committing the rest of our lives to one another? “, “Do we really love one another?”, “Is this going to be how it is forever?”

But this is when we had to choose each other again. When all was stripped away and we were at our weakest, we chose to work. We chose to serve one another and place each others needs ahead of our own.  There are days when we need to take our emotions and feelings and sort through them, because in the end, we chose this love. Regardless of how we feel in the moment, we know this love will overpower our current emotions. This kind of love is challenging and this kind of love takes work.

So, while we may not always like each other in moments of exhaustion, stress, or pressure that happens in our life with 3 young children, we know the kind of love that we actively choose to pour ourselves into is strong and will stand the test of time. We will persevere through the lows and triumph in the highs.  So this our love--10 years later--a chosen love, deeper love, a selfless love, a patient love, and a joyful love.

Contributed by Lauren & Mike