Big Kids Yoga

Blooma Dads - An Important Part of Our Community

I have been a part of the Blooma community for over 9 years. My wife began coming to Blooma when she was pregnant with our first child. It had prepared her for birth and was her post baby escape. But, it wasn't until I became the primary caregiver that I understood the connection my wife had to Blooma. The community at Blooma goes beyond pregnancy and postpartum support - Blooma is all about being there for you, no matter what stage of life you are in. 

When I went to my first Tots Yoga class with no yoga experience, nervous and hesitant that I would stand out as the only father, I quickly realized my daughter loved Blooma and every minute of her class. And, was even more surprised at how welcoming everyone was of me. Molly loved to sing and dance while helping the teacher lead class. And, I was able to stay in a more reserved role with our baby, Bridget.  The teachers let Molly express her personality, while letting me stay in the background, making sure our little one wasn’t rolling away.   

Our oldest two children enjoyed going to “big kid” class with Kay. I would come in on Summer days with four children, feeling worn down. Kay would offer to have Molly, our third child, attend class as well. Those forty-five minutes were not a long period in the grand scheme of things, but meant a lot to me. This act of kindness, support, and empathy represented what the Blooma family was all about.

Blooma is a place that allows our family to experience a calming atmosphere while still having fun. We are glad to have such a great neighbor!

Written by Brian Meyer, Blooma Father of Four