Setting Expectations & Becoming a Mother of Two

Below is a thank you note from a Blooma Mama, sent to us shortly after the birth of her second baby. At a Prenatal Yoga class earlier in January, this beautiful mama shared her words for the new year, “Realistic expectations”. For the birth of her second baby, and moving from a mother of one to a mother of two, Hilary wanted to have realistic expectations, “I know that baby number two will have a different personality than the first, and I am a different mama.” We are so happy to hear about her amazing birth, and the strength and support she found at Blooma. After her birth she said “I definitely went in with realistic expectations and just followed my instincts. I feel like I had a birth I can really be proud of. Introducing my two special babies to each other for the first time was such a wonderful moment.” Read her note to us below.


Hello! I wanted to thank you for the wonderful yoga class last Tuesday. It was just what I needed to ground myself as I prepared to meet my son. Yoga has been such an important way to bond with my baby during a hectic and emotional pregnancy. Attending that last class while overdue was so special.

August Eugene was born at 10:59am on Wednesday, January 18 at a whopping 9lbs 1oz and 22" long. Almost immediately after class I began to have contractions and used the breathing and grounding from class all evening. Things were moving slow, so I just kept myself in the zone and didn't even start timing contractions until 4am when they became strong- I thought I was having back labor again like with my first. By the time I made it to the hospital at 5:30am I was shocked to find out that I was already at 8cm and in transition! Apparently, I was focusing and coping much better than I thought- it was a proud mama moment for me. I needed to be on antibiotics and luckily my water hadn't broken yet. We were able to slow things down just enough to get the full round of meds just before he made his grand entrance.

All those hours of goddess pose paid off and those strong mama legs and arms were so necessary for a not-so-little boy who was way too comfortable to leave without a very long marathon of pushing. I can't believe after weeks of contractions and false labor that I am on the other side. I am so looking forward to bonding with my chill little dude at Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB) Yoga soon. Thank you so much again for providing such a wonderful space to start my relationship with my baby. It has meant so much to us!


-Hilary Bundt, Blooma Mama of two!