Sarah Longacre Caught a Baby!


Having a home birth was never something Lindsay had contemplated. Her plan was to have a natural birth at a local hospital with midwives and her doula. That was the plan, simple. However, like many birth stories, her plans changed.

Lindsay and her husband Ben decided to work with Sarah and Mari as their doulas months before their baby was due. They wanted someone in the room who not only had a lot of experience in guiding birth, but could support Ben when the time came so he could focus on supporting Lindsay. 

Lindsay woke up with contractions early on a February morning, she was just days away from her guess date. She knew labor was beginning and she was giddy that she was soon going to meet her baby! She called her midwives and her doula, Sarah Longacre, and was advised to eat a good breakfast, relax and conserve her energy.

Lindsay’s labor progressed quickly. Her contractions were intensifying and getting closer together. While her and her husband thought they’d have the day to labor at home, maybe even go out to lunch and relax, she was quickly discovering that wasn’t going to be the case.

“I will never forget blow drying my hair in front of my bathroom mirror and watching my uterus contract up and down and in and out. I knew I was going to meet my baby today and I was filled with excitement and in awe of what my body was doing,” Lindsay remembers.

Lindsay had Ben call Sarah again to explain how quickly things were progressing and Sarah headed over. Once Sarah arrived, Lindsay felt a great sense of relief knowing they were in capable hands. Sarah called the hospital to let them know they would be on the way shortly, but discovered the hospital was full. At that point Lindsay’s midwife asked Sarah to check to see how far Lindsay was dilated to determine if they had time to make it to another hospital. Sarah quickly discovered that the baby was just a fingertip away. This sweet baby boy was coming soon and there was no time to get to a hospital.

Lindsay took prenatal yoga classes at Blooma and learned how to connect with her baby as well as breathing techniques and positions that she was able to use to help her get through the pain of the contractions and the stress of the unknown. Sarah held Lindsay’s hands and coached her through each contraction.

Knowing that the baby was coming soon, Sarah called the paramedics. When they arrived, they assessed the situation and wanted to try to make it to the hospital. But Sarah knew the baby was close and asked them to allow Lindsay three more pushes before making that decision. Well, it didn’t even take three pushes. Minutes later Ben and Lindsay’s baby ‘shot out’ like lightening.

“Sarah caught my firstborn baby boy and deflected him to my husband, who then lovingly placed him on my chest. It was the best moment of my life!”

Every birth is beautiful. Every birth is different. And many births don’t go quite as planned. Lindsay, Ben and sweet baby James are doing well and settling into their new life, loving every minute as a family of three.