Mother Blessing: A Celebration of Mother, Woman, Warrior Goddess

What is a Mother Blessing?

The ‘Mother Blessing’ is inspired by a traditional Navajo ceremony called the Blessingway, which is held during transitional phases of a Navajo woman’s life, such as her first moon time, marriage, and of course, becoming a mother. The Mother Blessing is a celebration of new life; an honoring of the mother-to-be as she moves through one of life's greatest transitions; a ceremonial show of emotional and spiritual support as she experiences the many layers of becoming mother. This is a rich, vibrant ceremony that cultivates connection, joy, and oftentimes, healing tears for all.

My First Experience with a Mother Blessing

The first time I attended a Mother Blessing was when I organized one for my friend Brittany, who was the first woman in my friend group to become pregnant. My friends and I called it a “Celebration of Life.” We wanted to create something sacred, an event focused on self-expression, community, connection — a healing atmosphere for all who attended. We did exactly that. We sat in sacred circle where we read blessings to the mother-to-be. We laughed, we cried, we made birth art, we ate wholesome foods, we danced and sang. It was glorious! The energy we created together that night pleasantly surprised us all. It was so intentional and clear. We created a vortex of love around the mother-to-be when she needed it most. We celebrated the power of life, the vibrant power inside our dear sister friend. We honored the deep work she was doing by growing and choosing to birth her baby in a way that empowered her. That night, we each realized how much our dear friend’s pregnancy impacted us. Celebrating the pregnant woman invited us to reflect on where we all come from, to question the meaning of our lives and our purpose on this planet. It ignited the spark we are born from, and it brought us closer to source.

My first Mother Blessing experience illuminated that, in addition to showering the mother-to-be with gifts in a conventional baby shower, there is so much more we can do for her as she embarks on this courageous voyage of becoming a mother. We can acknowledge the emotional and physiological work she is doing, and will do, to contribute to the next generation. We can love her and support her holistically and spiritually, because birth is one of the most monumental spiritual journeys in the human experience.

I feel so strongly that our ancestors are guiding us to celebrate the real, raw layers of becoming mother, to understand the true meaning of our female village, and to humbly bow to the profound knowledge of our bodies. I am passionate about holding this sacred space for women to connect and hold each other up when we need it most. This is why I’ve created the Public Mother Blessing at Blooma Minneapolis.

Mother Blessings Are For Every Woman

For some women, the idea of a Mother Blessing can feel intimidating. However, Mother Blessings are the exact opposite—they bring women together during a tender period to build off each other’s strength and wisdom. The Mother Blessing invites women to embrace their vulnerability, to find comfort in the discomfort, to open in new, profound ways. There are no prerequisites, no previous knowledge or experience that a woman needs to obtain before attending a Mother Blessing. It is for the young, the old, the seasoned, and the curious alike. If attending a Mother Blessing seems at all daunting to you right now, or too “hippy-dippy,” I empower you to explore this idea in a new way. See it through the eyes of your child; with brand new eyes, with pure curiosity, no identity.

Let go of expectations and listen to your inner voice - feel the excitement of celebration—celebration of YOU: Mother, Woman, Warrior Goddess. Step into a web of other strong women where you can express your fears, your joys, or express nothing at all. The intention is yours to set, and together, we will co-create the exact experience each woman needs. Come as you are. You are welcome here.

What Women Say About Mother Blessings




“Intentional, spirited, soulful. Amy guided me and many of my closest sisters and friends through meditation, song, and ancestral acknowledgement and gratitude during my Mother Blessing. I am so so grateful for the colorful spirit and love that radiates through Amy.” -Kelly, mother of 3 littles

“I enjoyed my baby shower, but I really relished the Mother Blessing because it was a peaceful, meditative gathering focused inward.” -Megan, mother of 1 little

“The Mother Blessing Ceremony was without a doubt exactly what I needed. I healed a lot that day; there were lots of tears, stories, and women coming together in an extraordinary way. The day and ceremony that Amy facilitated set the stage for what was to come, and I felt a sense of peace about the challenges that were ahead. My gratitude is deep for Amy and her ability to hold sacred space for me to be raw and real and say what I had been holding in all those months. There is profound power in bringing people together in this remarkable way to support and heal and prepare a mother as much as possible to embrace everything motherhood has to teach us. If you are on the fence like I was, DO NOT hesitate, DO NOT question it, just book it. Let Amy's thoughtfully planned ceremony fill you with what you need, you will be so very glad you did.” -Haley, mother of 1 little

“Having experienced postpartum depression after my first birth, I needed more than ever to know I was supported and loved throughout and after my second. I was nervous asking my mother-in-law to host a Mother Blessing instead of a baby shower, but when I did she was all for it! And it was truly so much better. Being surrounded by 12 of my closest friends and family, all of whom were eager to share how much they love and care for me; and how they are all so willing to support me and hold me after giving birth; and through my journey of mothering two kids; it all filled my heart more than diapers, toys, and strollers ever could. Tears, laughs, emotions, and love were shared by all who attended, and it felt so good to have it all meant for me. I kept all the cards and quotes I received from everyone who attended and still read them whenever I need to feel that energy again. The women who attended have become some of my closest lifelines in my postpartum life. Truly a a gift that gives and gives and gives.” -Megan, mother of 2 littles.

Written by Amy Heilman

Certified Birth Doula // Prenatal & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher // Bluegrass Lover // Mystical Seeker,

Join us for a Public Mother Blessing at Blooma Minneapolis on Saturday, May 13. Learn more and sign up HERE.