A Blooma Love Note

Blooma has a mission to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of new moms and moms-to-be. We pour our hearts into this mission. It is so amazing when we get feedback from mamas. It reminds us of this mission, and why we work so hard each day to make Blooma a place of love and support in the community. Thank you to this mama, and all the mamas that keep us moving toward a single goal - support mamas at every stage. Enjoy the love note from one mama below:

Dear Sarah (Longacre) and Sarah (Auna),

I had previous wrote to you, but life got away from me and I never finished. I bought some Mala beads to find my “balance” but turns out, this doesn’t exist! I am a still seeking my new normal with two kids and working full time. A recent death in my family, has prompted me to take baby steps towards being more present and to openly say how I feel. I cannot go another day. I want to express my deepest gratitude. 

I started attending class at Blooma when I was 12 weeks gestation with first pregnancy in 2014. I sought out Blooma as I lived in the neighborhood and it offered a safe space to exercise, and retreat from a busy day after work. Little did I know that Blooma would become my community and network.  Your amazing business has provided me the resources to help navigate pregnancy and beyond. Through Blooma, I discovered the Twin Cities Birth Expo, Minnesota Childbirth Collective,  Julie Mueller, Mothering by MOM, and most importantly, my doula, Sarah Auna.

One Saturday morning in the Spring of 2014, at your 8am yoga class you showed a clip on a projector of the Business of Being Born. That was a defining moment for me as it ignited me to do more research and take charge of what I wanted for my birth. After the 8am class I came home to my husband Joe in tears. I couldn’t explain, but I must have been upset enough, that right then and there he turned on the amazon and we watched the full documentary together. I was emotional because my growing gut told me I was not comfortable with my current plan. I had just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and the news was left coldly on a voicemail. 

Through Sarah A’s coaching and support, I gained confidence. As you helped me labor at home, robozo, inversions and all, we moved to Mother Baby Center. When we arrived, Joe offered me a wheel chair. I yelled at him-that I would not accept- as Sarah L encouraged in birth class, to do the stairs! My midwife had to attend to another birth since it didn’t seem like I was progressing, so it was Sarah Auna and I (and Joe) doing some work in the basement and rocking out to HAIM. On the coldest night of the year, I delivered Joey at 7lbs 7oz. They told me it was 7:19 and I didn’t know if that was AM or PM. From this moment on, I never looked back, it was so empowering. In fact I have become a walking advertisement for hiring a doula, because my experience proved that addition to the mama, partners needs care and direction too.  

Three years passed and in 2017, I couldn’t wait to share with Sarah that I was expecting again. With Sarah’s vote of confidence in me, I decided I wanted a Birth Center experience and changed to the wonderful providers at Willow. 

While the second time around, “people” said I will have a shorter labor and that baby will just “fall out of me,” but reality was I had another long multi day labor. Sarah A again guided me, supported and ultimately I delivered Vincent free standing in the middle of the room. I pulled my 9.2 pound little bulldog, full of rolls and black hair, up to my chest and held him so intimately. This is the moment in my life that I am most proud of.  On this journey of one day, mom hair- don’t care, times up! Attitude, then next day to sinking back into some post postpartum feelings, I have an understanding that my path could have gone down a different road had I not stepped foot into Sarah L’s yoga studio.  You are both so courageous that you wake up and do this every day, truly amazing. I very much admire your entrepreneurial spirit and know while I am one of hundreds, you both have make a profound impact on my life, family and I only wish you all the best. Thank you for all that you do. 


Blooma Mama

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