The Little Blessings in My Home

This time of year can get cluttered with so many to-dos, so many materialistic pressures, and so many family traditions, no matter what holiday you are celebrating. All of this in small doses is not bad or wrong to take part in. However, all of the clutter often causes us to lose sight of the greatest blessings in our lives. All month, Blooma is encouraging all of us to celebrate life’s little blessings: Time on the mat, connecting with other mamas, staying warm and rosy cheeked at the Barre, or spending time with our little ones, and the babies yet to come.

I have two little blessings in my home, and a third coming this April. And, they truly are little. Each barely comes up to my waist! These little blessings are true gifts for my husband and me. Let’s face it, life with littles is messy, demanding, and often full of unexpected twists. However, this life that my husband and I walked into has showed us how to be less selfish, more joyful, and constantly surprised.

Our three-year-old son is always on the go, what three-year-old isn’t?! Within our house, there are always new ledges to jump off or ways that can make a toy car move even faster. Some days, his energy drives me bonkers. I wish he wouldn’t jump off the kitchen chair, or slam so hard into the baseboard that the paint might chip. However, the oldest of our two little blessings is incredibly inquisitive, has a memory better than mine most days (“pregnancy brain” is a real thing!), and pays so much attention to detail it is often comical. I am anticipating great passion and knowledge for whatever he decides to pour his energy into when he is older.

Our one-year-old daughter has surprised us from the moment she was born. She is determined, vocal, and has a quick sense of humor. Often, her determination for getting what she wants by screaming in the middle of the grocery store makes me shake my head and move through the store faster. But, like her brother, I can see these traits that might be hair pulling now turning into great virtue when she is older. I hope and pray that she learns how to use her determination and voice to work for, and do good in her future family and community. That her voice may be used on behalf of another who does not know the words to use themselves.

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Yesterday was a particularly frustrating day. I was caught up in all I had to do before we left town to be with family for the holidays. After I got my kids down for a nap, I sat on our couch and tears welled in my eyes from being overwhelmed. Only a minute into my tears, and there were gentle kicks (gentle because our baby within is only 21 weeks, and not 31 weeks) from our coming child. It was the perfect reminder of him/her saying, “Wait, I’m here too! I’m a little blessing!” This physical reminder that these babies are my little blessings this season caused me great joy. This year, I am choosing to focus on gratitude for these little blessings within the walls of my own home (and my belly!).

So, now I am asking you mama, think about the Little Blessings you can celebrate this year. Just take a second, close your eyes, take a breath. Maybe you are preparing for a new baby, enjoying life with your little ones, celebrating a milestone in your relationship or personal life. Your Blessings could be the friends you have made in New Mama Group, the healthy body and mind you have been working on in Yoga Class. Whatever it is, take a break from all the crazy holiday to-dos and cherish those Little Blessings this season.

Written by Shea Olson- Wife & Mama Trying to Make it All Work