Happy BIRTHday to YOU - mama

How and why to honor the birther on the BIRTHday (and not just the kiddo)

I have two friends who come to BOTH of my kids’ birthday parties (that happen in the same month) Each and every year.

(Two kids parties in one month?! I know…. blech!)  They even came when they didn’t have kids of their own yet. And you know why? So they could encircle me in their arms, hold me close and honor - ME! Yes, ME. On my BIRTH(ing) Day. They pause, pull me aside - amidst the circus of children, cake and cards - and help me connect back to the day that made me a mother.

So, in honor of this loving maternal tradition - here are some ways you can nourish a mother - or yourself - on a child’s BIRTHday.

1. Set an alarm for the exact moment babe was born. Even if it’s during sleeping time. Light a candle - have a cup of tea or glass of wine - and connect with the woman you were then. The primal, vulnerable, powerful, life giving woman. What do you wish that version of you had known? Love her up!

2. Make a tradition with your best friends and forgo the gift for the child. Instead bring a gift for the mother. One of those artsy soaps you’d rarely buy for yourself, or a card worthy of carrying around in your purse. Or, naturally -- a bottle of wine.

3. Tell your children their birth story. Look back at photos from that day and reminisce with anyone who helped you during your birth or came to visit in that tender postpartum time when you, yourself, were just a newborn mama. If you’re celebrating with another woman’s whose birthing day it is - ask her for her story - and hold space for the love, the sorrow, the tenderness of the story she’ll tell.

4. Do comforting things for yourself that a woman might do during her labor. Take a nice bath, go to a gentle yoga class, walk outside while holding someone’s hand, brunch with a loved one (which you can do to distract yourself in early labor) or have a massage.

5.  Build a little “mama alter” with objects, inspiration, candles and scents that help ground you and bring you pleasure. Something you can freshen up as the seasons change or as inspiration strikes.

By Sarah Auna, Blooma mama and staffer


Sarah Auna is a Certified birth educator, prenatal yoga instructor, birth doula and community outreach specialist for Blooma Yoga and Wellness.

Find one of her childbirth education or yoga classes (http://www.blooma.com,) - or for doula services - head to Heartland Birth (http://heartlandbirth.com/)