A Dad's Take On Childbirth Education

My wife and I welcomed our first baby into the world this past August. It's literally the best thing that has ever happened to us, but if you would have asked me how I was feeling six months ago, I would have said "absolutely terrified". I can remember when my wife signed us up for the Blooma Birth Class, my initial response was "that's great, tell me what you learn from it". That didn't go over so well. Being the good husband that I am, I went with her, kicking and screaming the whole way there.

I just didn't really see the point. How is someone else going to help me prepare for the birth of my own child? And, how on earth is it going to take four three-hour sessions to teach us? I was overwhelmed by the time commitment and completely unwilling to participate. Thankfully, It only took one class to change that. My biggest fear in having a baby was the unknown. The unknown of caring for a new life, of being a dad, of supporting my wife as a new mom, hospital procedures the day of delivery, the list could go on and on. Through role playing, creative teaching exercises, Q&A, videos and more, Blooma took what was so unknown to me and brought it within reach. I left our first class feeling informed, educated, and excited for the rest of the sessions. The hardest part of that first session was admitting to my wife that she was right on the car ride home :) 

Written by Connor, New Blooma Dad

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