postpartum depression

The Top 15 Blooma Blog Posts: #1 – “My Walk with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety”

Once again we bow our heads to our fearless, amazing leader Sarah Longacre. We cannot imagine the courage it took to write this blog post that has been viewed tens of thousands of times and shared all across the world.

For any mother out there struggling with these same issues - know you are not alone. Please know that you can reach out to anyone at Blooma, or go on our Resources page to seek help if you feel so inclined. This horrible bear of a disease affects one in eight mothers, and that is just too much.

Let's shout our stories from the rooftops and do what we can to end this terrible disease.

Once again we need to thank Sarah for sharing this incredible story, this number 1 post in our Top 15 Blooma Blog posts of all time:

"My Walk with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety"

Love to all the mothers out there.

Ann + the Women of Blooma