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A Birth Story - Baby Fritz

Seven weeks. It’s been seven weeks since Fritz decided to grace our lives with his presence outside of the womb. I truly do not know where the month of May went – it seems to have flashed by in a snap. However, the seven weeks leading up to Fritz’s arrival dragged slowly on.

My pregnancy with him, my third, carried along relatively fine and uneventful. But, as anyone who has been pregnant before will tell you, the last handful of weeks tick by at a snails pace. As our family approached his due date, there was a flurry of family events, and we wondered if you would be a part of them – our daughter’s birthday, Easter, and a few baptisms of his cousins. Nope. He decided he wanted an entrance and celebration that was completely his own.

At my 40 week appointment, two days after my guess date, I was completely fed up with being pregnant, and so dearly wanted labor to be over and our baby to be on the outside of my body. I spoke with my midwife about stripping my membranes – something I hadn’t done with our other two babies. She told me that with stripping my membranes, I may or may not go into labor, I could cramp, I could spot, etc.

About an hour after my appointment, I had consistent cramps that felt worse than the Braxton-Hicks I’d been feeling for weeks. But, I still wasn’t sure it was actually labor. I called my husband home from work and a friend to come over to watch our napping kids. Even though I wasn’t sure this was IT, my second labor and delivery was four hours start to finish and I didn’t want to take any chances.  With a flurry of last minute packing and spewing out instructions about our other kids, we went to the hospital, only to see the look in the nurse and midwives’ eyes that I was not in ‘real’ labor. We stayed for observation for a few hours and were sent home. I was so disappointed, and frankly, embarrassed that I didn’t know what my body was doing. Retrospectively, I am glad that we went, even if just to know that everything was healthy and moving along.

The next morning came with cranky kids who seemed to know that something was going to rock their world later that evening. To get out of the house, I put together a list of errands that I had been putting off – like going to the DMV, Costco, and the bank. Waddling in and out of each store, I would have random contractions at no regularity. And, due to the ‘false alarm’ the night before, I wasn’t even sure that they were contractions. After getting the kids home for lunch and down for naps, I finally sat down to time my ‘random’ contractions. Twenty minutes apart. “Oh,” I thought. Maybe this would actually turn into something.

An hour or so later my husband came home, got the kids up for naps and outside to play. Thirty minutes (and two contractions later), I decided we should go on a family walk ‘around the block.’ My contractions were now coming about every five to ten minutes, and soon I needed to stop and breathe through them. My husband called his dad to come over and watch the kids while we went to the hospital. As we got home from the walk, I labored in the living room while my husband tried to make the kids a quick dinner and we waited for my father-in-law to get there. Within ten minutes, my contractions (and back labor) were increasing in intensity and length. Something really felt like it was changing quickly and my husband sent me outside to wait by the car. I kissed my older two babies as I walked out the door, now truly realizing that our family was changing right before my eyes. Within one minute of his dad showing up, my husband was in the car and pulling out of the driveway. Running three red lights with me laboring in the front seat, is how we pulled into the hospital and were raced up to our delivery room.

The nurse who brought us to our room introduced herself and quickly helped me into bed, letting me know my midwife was on her way. My husband happened to tell this nurse that our favorite nurse, who had been a part of both of our previous births had her same name. “Oh, she’s here today too!” said that nurse who brought us to our room. As my contractions were coming right on top of each other, and full of back labor, I was only able to burst into tears, when our favorite nurse walked into our room, ready to be a part of another Olson baby birth.  Her presence, words of encouragement, strength, and gentle touch always seem to be exactly what I need to get through a natural labor. With a team of two nurses and our wonderful midwife, a little baby boy was born into this world not 40 minutes later. He was put on to my chest immediately, stuck his thumb in his mouth and looked up at me with the bluest of eyes.

From the time that I starting timing my contractions to the time that our babe was in my arms was four and a half hours of the most intense labor I have experienced yet. It was so deeply worth the bundle of true joy and easygoing nature which has been given our family. Frederick ‘Fritz’ Simon is a gem and a delightful addition to our little family.

Written by Shea Olson- Wife & Mama Trying to Make it All Work

Jaime P.

Mama, Jaime, left work early on the afternoon of September 3 because she had been having contractions all day and was tired of sitting! Labor was long and slow and on the afternoon of September 5, Finley was born by cesarean section. Mama hoped he would be a VBAC baby but was positioned just like his older brother and wouldn't budge. Parents were delighted to finally meet their sweet baby boy who is such a blessing!

Sonja M.

Mamas water broke at 5:45 AM on her birthday and continued to trickle throughout the day. Contractions didn't start until 2:30 AM the following morning ... Given that beginning, a long haul was expected, but surprisingly they went from early labor to active to transition in 2 hours and only pushed for 38 minutes!! WOAH! Aira was born at 12:48 PM at home in a birth tub in the nursery surrounded by family and so much love.

Sam K.

Mama's water broke at 4:20 am on Valentine's Day. It was only upon an ultrasound at the hospital that it was discovered that the baby was breach. By 7:57 am Thomas was delivered via c section. While it did not go as they planned, Mama and Dad are absolutely in love with their sweet little boy. Advice for other Mamas: "It is ok to be upset that things did not go as you imagined. Take your time processing it. The sweet baby is truly all that is important."

Stephanie W.

Labor started the evening of Christmas where Mama labored at home for several hours before heading to the hospital around 3am. They remembered comfort measures from birth class at Blooma and used several of them; the low vocal tones especially! After laboring for 13 hours, Mama had a beautiful, vaginal delivery, and Joel made his way into this world on December 26.

Emily V.

Baby Loey kept parents guessing for 15 days after her guess date! Mama attributes her ability to cope with 28 hours of active, unmedicated back labor to great people at Blooma. Nicole and Liz, Brook, Bridget, Sarah, and Cynthia! After a total of 38 hours in labor, Loey finally came! The first thing Mama ate after having Loey was two chocolate chip cookies ... and after all that work, she wanted the entire box!

Laura Tucker

Little Daphne was born on January 20, 2016 and visited yoga while in Mama's belly all the way up until the 16th of January when they went to Christy's prenatal yoga class. The most valuable thing in Mama's birth bag that she wants all new Mama's to know about was her wrap-style cardigan! "When I was in and out of the tub it was perfect for easily taking on and off and kept me warm and my upper body covered."

Kristin M.

My husband was out of the state for two weeks and I promised him I would not have our baby until he came home!  I went to yoga in the morning, picked up my husband from the airport and was laboring by 9:30 that night!  It was a short intense labor and by 5:30 we were holding Cecil in our arms.  I attribute my ability to cope with the intensity of our natural labor to Blooma and the support of my labor team!

Leah S.

Maxwell John was welcomed into the world just before the clock hit midnight on December 21. When labor started earlier that day, Mama (Leah) and Dad (John) were hoping he'd make it in time to be a winter solstice baby. Labor went smoothly - the deep breathing techniques from the classes at Blooma were so helpful. Prenatal yoga with Bridget on December 14 prepped everyone for a smooth delivery in mind and body!

Aly M.

After nearly 48 hours of labor, we welcomed Isla squatting in Goddess pose! Through the unexpected twists and turns of first time labor, I was reminded of the low 'ahhhhh's we practiced in prenatal class and of the powerful quote that gave me strength during transition labor: 'she believed she could, so she did.' Mama, Daddy,  and three month old sweet pea are staying happy and cozy, snuggling away these winter months!

Liliana M

Sebastian Ray arrived on Christmas Eve morning after a long and wonderful labor experience. It started on the 23rd with water breaking after a 3 am yoga session (to relieve contractions) and ended with a magical 2 hour pushing experience where Mama got to receive Sebastian and place him on her chest. Liliana's birth mantra was, "Smile from the heart.  I am strong, I am powerful, I am a mama."

Lindsey T.

After patiently waiting 42 weeks, Nolan Christian entered the world via water birth! Dipping toes in the sand, floating in the water and just letting go of expectation created space to be fully present for our labor and birth journey which began late afternoon/early evening of August 11th. Nolan arrived surrounded by lots of LOVE, which was Mama's birth mantra. It made contractions feel like riding waves and helped release any fear.

Lynette Dyck

Ariana Grace arrived two days late at Fairview Ridges in Burnsville. Mama had inconsistent, mild contractions starting around 8:30am and she was born at 5:30pm after 15 minutes of pushing. Her calm and controlled entrance as the complete opposite of her big sister's (which Mama appreciated). During labor, my birth mantra that encourage Mama was, "My body was made to do this!"

Lara B.

Baby Zoe arrived in her perfect timing with a relatively short labor on a beautiful day at the Minnesota Birth Center-Minneapolis. Mama, Lara, and Daddy welcomed her into the water surrounded by two amazing doulas, Brook and Margaret, and two wonderful midwives, Katie and Courtney. Being able to celebrate her birthday on Christmas even, definitely made a Christmas to remember!