Blooma Truths

Photo credit:  Bundle Studio

Photo credit: Bundle Studio

I get asked all the time what makes Blooma different than other yoga studios. Well number one is simple - it’s not just a yoga studio. There are dozens of amazing yoga studios in the Twin Cities area, but Blooma is SO MUCH MORE. We’re a community for young families. We have childbirth education, wellness services, workshops for new parents and families, and MORE.

Just yesterday two moms stayed after babywearing barre to feed their babies and catch up. One of them thanked me for letting them stay for so long after class, commenting, “it’s almost like a second home here.” That’s music to my ears. SERIOUSLY. Twelve years ago when I opened Blooma, that was what I wanted new mamas, in the thick of this thing called motherhood and wading their way through it, to feel - like Blooma was a second home.

I could go on and on. But on that note, if you’ve never been to Blooma, I wanted to share a couple of reasons why we’re different. And if you’re a Blooma regular or just haven’t been in a while - this can serve as a reminder for you.

My Top 5 Blooma Truths:

  1. All are welcome at Blooma. ALL. That means whatever your family situation looks like, whatever type of birth you’re planning or have had - we want you at Blooma. It seriously hurts when I hear that people think Blooma is for one type of family or one type of mama, or that you have to be planning or have had a “natural” birth. OR that you even have to be a mom to come! ALL are welcome. 

  2. Blooma is a no judgement zone. I know, I know, a lot of people say that. But it’s really true at Blooma. Come as you are! If you haven’t showered, it’s your first time making it out of the house for the day or you feel like you haven’t slept in a week (and have the under-eye bags to prove it), you’ll be in good company at Blooma.

  3. Your baby may cry. Hell, YOU may cry! And that’s ok! I can’t tell you how many mamas come for the first time and are nervous about what to do if their new babe cries. ALL babies cry. It’s fine! And on that note - all babies poop! You’ll likely need to change a diaper mid-class at some point - no one cares, everyone has done it. You and baby will be more comfortable once it’s done.

  4. Go ahead and feed your baby! We all know that a hungry baby (well a hungry anyone!) is a fussy baby. Feed them! Whether that’s a bottle or you’re nursing, feeding your child is 100% acceptable, and even encouraged, wherever and however works for the two of you.

  5. We want to make class as stress free as possible - which means: you’re never late, you can leave early, and we have mats, towels, water and tea ready for you. You’ve got enough going on and you should be proud that you made it to your mat and if you’re a parent, you even kept a small human alive.

Whether you’re super into your kiddo (today, this week or always), or it’s a day you’re questioning how you got into all of this, we get it. Being a parent takes our whole selves and we want to be here for you through the journey.

I hope I’ve explained a few things about Blooma that maybe you didn’t know or needed a reminder about. If you have questions, shoot us a note at, give us a call or stop by. Now what are you waiting for? Come see us in studio! We’ve got an awesome schedule in Minneapolis, Plymouth and St. Paul and a mat waiting for you. We can’t wait to see YOU!

SO MUCH Blooma love to you!