All the Best Parts of Bellyrama

Our 8th Annual Bellyrama is just a few days away! We are celebrating 10 years of Blooma with yoga, vendors, crafts, live music, and more. There is something to do for everyone! We asked our Blooma teachers what they love most about Bellyrama. Read what they have to say, and we will see you at Lake Harriet Bandshell for Bellyrama!



“The sense of community is amazing. Looking around and watching women and their families move and breathe together is so uplifting and powerful. It's the highlight of fall every year”. -Ann Butzer Drewiske

“Bellyrama feels better than Mother's Day to me!! It always exceeds expectations and feels so nourishing”! -Sarah Auna

“Bellyrama is a chance to recognize and connect with so many people. People who help us realize we aren't alone, no matter where we're at”. -Rachel Klare

“I love the end of the class, seeing all of the beautiful women and families in savasana -  receiving the love, light, and of course, the rubdown”. -Jessie Seehof Carlson

“My favorite part of Bellyrama is the yoga class with so many women. I had a deeply healing experience next to Kristin Gourde a couple years ago while Sarah Longacre taught. I cried on my mat - and all was well”. - Amy Kelley

“Seeing 400+ people spread out during morning practice in a HUGE circle surrounding the bandshell, over onto the grass, up through the stage, rocking out in goddess pose. It's a feeling of oneness, strength, and community like no other. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Can't wait”! -Stacy Seebart

“My favorite thing about Bellyrama is the community created and shared on that day. Sarah Longacre reminds us to be thankful for all the women who came before us - the ones that mothered us and taught us how to mother”. - Carrie Voda

“My absolute favorite part of Bellyrama is seeing the women of Blooma’s past and present come together, seeing babies who have grown up so much, and the smiles as women reunite on their mats!” - Greta Fay

“No matter what the weather, Bellyrama is always magical. My son got stung by a bee his first time there and he still thinks it's wonderful”. - Meg Morrow

“My favorite part of bellyrama is the feeling of connection to so many people. It fills me with hope, being surrounded by everyone full of light filled intention. It's also really fun knowing so many people in one beautiful Minneapolis hot spot! Love love love this day”! -Kaye Standke

“I've never been! Every time I step into Blooma, there's a resonance of strength, vulnerability, and compassion that's so clearly embedded in our community. I'm so looking forward to feeling, seeing, and hearing the culmination of that communal energy for the first time this year”.  - Lindsay Kocka

“Bellyrama is a good chance to connect with everyone from Blooma from the past and present, but is also an ever-needed reminder that we are so far from alone in this journey of motherhood, with all its struggles and joys”. - Sarah Bach-Bergs

“This is the day where everything Blooma has created is FELT! I feel community, connection, authentic love, deep breaths, a sense of belief in myself and humanity, and that I am doing my best as the role of mama...right now! I am so excited for how real and present these moments are surrounded by beautiful sisters and brothers”! - Kristin Gourde

“The energy we create is powerful! And it's a reminder that we are all in this together”. - Charity Huot Benedict

All the LOVE. All the Energy. All the YOGA, MAMAS, FAMILIES, FRIENDS.

We can't wait to see you all on your mat on Saturday, September 9th! This year celebrates 10 years of Blooma love. Bellyrama is bigger than ever, with 4 different times for yoga! See the full scheudle below:

9:00-10:15am – Yoga with Sarah Longacre
10:30-11:15am – Kids Yoga
11:30-12:15pm – Family Dance Party (With LIVE music from Bunny Clogs)
12:45-1:45pm – Yoga Mela with teachers from the past 10 years!

Come for yoga, stay for vendors, friends, food and more. Learn more here!