Current Job Openings at Blooma


A Blooma Educator provides non-biased Lamaze based, prenatal classes for expectant parents. Supporting expectant parents’ choices while providing evidence-based information is at the center of every Blooma Educator’s intentions. Educators are responsible for delivering in-depth knowledge and concepts related to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding through tactful communication and an engaging teaching style. Blooma Educators possess the ability to explain technical information and respond to students’ questions with accurate evidenced-based information. Blooma Educators are expected to promote pregnancy and birth as a normal physiologic process, empower women to feel confident in their abilities to birth and parent by providing information, reassurance, and resources. 

Applicants must be an active or retired doula, L&D nurse or midwife

If interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to As part of the interview

process, applicants will be asked to teach a sample lesson.

Blooma childcare staff ensure that Blooma mamas have a place to take care of themselves while confident their children are in good hands. As a Blooma childcare staff member, you will be the primary caregiver of 1-6 children per class session, while their parent takes class during the same time. In between classes, the childcare worker is expected to help around the studio doing light cleaning or administrative tasks.

Current Open Shifts:

Mondays 9:15am-12:30pm

Tuesdays 9:15-1:45pm

Wednesdays 9:15pm-12:30pm

Pay and Benefits: 
Free yoga and barre classes (if working 2+ regular weekly shifts)
$5 yoga classes for your partner and children
40% discount on workshops and education (does not include professional trainings)
20% discount on retail

Applicants must be able to commit to at least two permanent shifts per week.

Please send your resume to


Blooma is often looking for committed and welcoming yoga and barre teachers to join our team.  Training and knowledge of prenatal and postnatal yoga/barre is required, completion of Blooma’s Level One Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is preferred. To inquire about openings, please send your experience to

KIDS YOGA INSTRUCTORS  (for ages 9 months – 4 years) 

Blooma is seeking committed and welcoming Kids Yoga instructors.  Training and knowledge of Kids Yoga is required, experience is preferred. To inquire about openings, please send your experience to

Blooma is often seeking skilled massage therapists to join our team as independent contractors.  Education and experience working with prenatal and postnatal women is required.  To inquire about openings, please send your experience to