Blooma offers top notch wellness care for whatever you need. Whether that’s a massage, a therapy session, a chiropractic adjustment, an acupuncture appointment or belly casting, we have you covered. Get the care you deserve in our beautiful studios with care providers who are trained to meet your specific needs. Let our support rise up to meet you in whatever stage of life you are in, and experience the relief and joy that self care can unlock.
With an array of specialties and backgrounds, all of our massage therapists are equipped with a strong knowledge base in prenatal and postpartum massage. The sessions can help with anything, including relief from discomfort in prenatal or postnatal stages, chronic pain not related to pregnancy, or simply overall stress relief and relaxation. Come feel the benefits of therapeutic touch. 60 minute massage, $85  //  90 minute massage, $120
The primary goal of Chiropractic treatment is to restore motion, improve strength and function, and reduce pain. From the initial visit, to Chiropractic adjustments, and ongoing treatments if appropriate, our highly trained and specialized team of Chiropractors can help with anything from pain in pregnancy to alignment to help aid in inducing labor and comfort during birth, to postnatal care. Come feel the benefits of professionally aided alignment.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture provide a nurturing, safe, gentle, and harmonious way to support and promote optimum health before, during, and after pregnancy. It is beneficial for both mother and baby, and can form the foundation of a life-long partnership with health for the whole family. Come feel the benefits of flowing qi.
Counseling can be helpful no matter where you are on your journey. Bringing a child into your family is a major life change, and one that can impact your marriage, personal sense of self, career, and interactions with your family in many ways. Come feel the benefits of clarity with our specially trained counselors.
Bellycasting is a special and unique way to commemorate your pregnancy. Warmed craft plaster strips are gently placed on your belly and soon dry into a beautiful sculpture that you can decorate at a Blessingway or baby shower, or leave as is. This is a great way to share with your little one what it was like when he or she was “inside.” Come feel the benefit of creating a memento to last forever of this incredible journey.