Childbirth education at Blooma serves families no matter what type of birth they are planning. All classes present evidence-based information for normal and safe birth, influenced by the Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices. Classes provide information to expectant families to reduce their fear or anxiety while building confidence and preparing them for birth.

Each Blooma Educator is a seasoned birth doula, up to date on birthing practices and policies. 

Childbirth Education Classes at Blooma include you and a support person. At Blooma, we welcome all types of support people that will by your side for birth and as you adjust to life postpartum (grandparents, aunt/uncle, partner, parent, doula, etc.) Please be respectful of our teachers when selecting a support person. If you would like to bring a friend that is pregnant or recently postpartum, please sign them up for class separately.


The Blooma Birth Class builds confidence and reduces fear while you for birth in a hospital, birth center, or home, and with an OB or a midwife. The Blooma Birth Class will help you and your partner navigate the birth process, while offering hands-on comfort measures to support your birthing body, and pain management techniques. This complete childbirth education class will also cover common interventions and medications offered, breastfeeding your new baby, and more. Connect with other parent-to-be and discuss the initial moments of labor through the first few days with your newborn. Mothers and their partners will leave this 4-week course informed, inspired, and ready for your birth. $265 (includes support person)


This one-day, childbirth preparation course gives mothers-to-be and their partners an evidence-based birth education containing the core information needed to birth confidently. This express class will help expectant families navigate the birth process and make informed decisions for their births. It covers common interventions/medications, pain management techniques, and more. This express class is a condensed, information-packed class to fit your schedule. $225 (includes support person)


This class is designed for mothers that have already had a cesarean birth (or two) and want to explore different options for their next birth. This class will focus on  healing from your previous birth, the risks and benefits of a VBAC, common concerns and fears, choosing a provide, and more. This three-hour class can be taken at any point in your pregnancy, but taking it in the second trimester is ideal for birth preparation. $115 (includes support person)


Discover the latest evidence-based approaches to get mother and baby’s nursing relationship off to the best start at the Blooma Breastfeeding Class. A Certified Lactation Educator™ (CLE) will lead you through the stages of breastfeeding, from birth to the early days and weeks at home. Optimal positions for feeding, tips on pumping, and techniques for milk production are also discussed. This class provides the information needed to achieve your breastfeeding goals and create confidence in breastfeeding your new baby. $75 (includes support person)


Using movement and partner-based activities, we will help couples tap into the emotional component of labor and delivery. You and your partner will interact and explore your connection and learn how to work together on birthing day. The Couple’s Birthing Intensive will cover the natural rhythm of labor, what to eat and drink, how to breath and move, and a variety of traditional and alternative comfort measures. It is a uniquely powerful, three-hour intensive that goes beyond the traditional childbirth education class. Blooma’s Couples Birthing Intensive is ideal as a refresher course for experienced couples having their second, third, or fourth baby, or as a last-minute preparation when a due date is right around the corner. $135 (includes support person)


Spinning Babies Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth. During labor, baby needs to pass through “3 Gates” of the pelvis. This class teaches techniques to help expand the pelvis and the muscles that support – or restrict – your pelvic “gates”. Together, you and your partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby”! The goal of Spinning Babies is to create conditions where baby can find the optimal positions for labor, making birth easier, less painful, and even pleasurable! *This class is not intended for birth professionals, but instead provides information for expectant mothers. $75 (includes support person)


HypnoBirthing™ is a childbirth education course that embraces birth as a normal, natural, and exciting event for families. Couples will learn relaxation, visualization, and self-hypnosis techniques that help the body birth in a calm and comfortable way. Expectant families are encouraged to release fears surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and to allow the body to function optimally throughout labor. This course will give mothers the confidence and excitement to trust their bodies’ innate ability to give birth. HypnoBirthing™ moms routinely experience shorter labors and significantly lower induction, epidural, and Cesarean rates. Instructors are affiliates of the HypnoBirthing™ Institute. $300 (includes support person)


Having twins or more? Developed and taught by a childbirth educator, therapist, fellow twin mama, and birth doula who has attended over 25 twin births, this informative and empowering class will help prepare you and your family for the arrival of your little ones. The class is designed for both first-time parents and those with a singleton or two at home. The Blooma Multiples Class will explain the differences in labor of multiples (vaginally or through cesarean), present questions for care providers, and discuss specific postpartum concerns for mothers of multiples. $175 (includes support person) *Only offered 2-3 times a year